High quality vocal expertise

"Everyone already has a self established idea of what singing is.

But, not everyone knows how to achieve their personal vocal goals.

Allow me to assist you on your journey to artistic expression and vocal freedom"      ~ AmberJane

Music Theory

The Language of Creativity

Music theory helps to communicate better with others when playing in a group or when talking about your music when learning new pieces.  Music is a language. 



Piano, Notes & Chords
Books and Charts


Do you like to play what is written? Or would you like to make it up?

Students start with the keyboard basics, rudimentary theory and quickly progress into songs of their choice; or even writing their own.  

Confidence Building-Creative Outlet


What does it mean to sing? We all have our own idea of what singing is. Find your vocal freedom.

Develop Musicianship with performance opportunities and in studio recording. 

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