About Amber


Amber is continually upgrading her knowledge and learning of vocology.  She has attended Masterclasses taught by Dr. Ingo Titze, a vocal scientist and executive director of the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah.  

She has also taken lessons with Ryan Luchuck of Toronto who is leading edge educator of vocal mechanics and voice science. Her continuing passion includes analyzing formants and using spectographs. Amber also enjoys learning and comparing various vocal methods and pedagogy. 


Amber has been a vocal teacher for over 19 years.  

Amber discovered her vocal passion at a young age and since then, Amber has studied many genres from opera to pop.  She has been privately tutored by working vocal artists after leaving music college as the working industry called her. 

She has travelled to NYC and LA to teach and maintain her connections with up to date vocology studies beside fellow instructors in the entertainment industry – specifically #VocalizeU created by vocal visionary Dave Stroud.


Amber has also written songs and taken Songwriting courses with teachers from Nashville and Berkley College. She is frequently recording, has been featured on seven albums and is active in the GTA music scene.

Amber is a soloist for hire by mass choirs, churches and other functions. She has performed with Libertas Choir from Holland, conducted by Martin Mans.

Amber has performed in a myriad of prestigious venues across North America including Fairmont Hotel Banff, Liberty Grand Toronto, and Mount Saint Mary U in California. 


Including her background of 16 years a children’s entertainer stage artist through SafariScience. Amber has also written preschool music programs based off Kodaly and Dalcroze methods for various venues in Burlington to teach young children music fundamentals. 

Amber has appeared on children stages at local events to sing and do puppetry


Amber is co-creator of  Partylikeapopstar.ca along with Robyn Pauhl owner of BTown Sound, This is a recording opportunity for birthday children to also have their party at an award-winning Recording | Rehearsal | Event Facility in Burlington, ON. This facility is also a professional studio that is well known for recording high profile clientele. 


Amber is a long standing member of the Baker Street Victorian Carollers under the direction of Richard Crossman. This Victorian garbed performance group performs across the GTA. This group has made appearances on television and radio shows, as well in magazines.


Amber is a graduate of the Second City Improv. Program and has studied writing for sketch comedy. She has studied and performs Puppetry and Clowning but specializes in musical improvisation. 



Amber is a professional host and emcee.  She has graced stages for Canada Day in Burlington and Sarnia ON.  Amber has emceed the OLG stage along with host partner Katherine Dobson of RogersTV for the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington ON. 

Amber and her husband, Rob, hosted a LIVE variety show ‘Almost Late Night’ monthly at CLUB120 in Toronto, as well as SafariScienceLIVE, a bi-monthly children educational entertainment show featuring skits,real animals and science experiments in Oakville, ON

Amber has also hosted performance events in LA.



Beyond all this, She has 5 children which she home schools.  Her mission, along with her musician/illustrator husband Rob, is to focus on the arts with their children. Learning is life and life is learning. They encourage their kids to follow their passions and take time to accomplish this. 

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