Discover YOUR goal.


First lets find out where you are.

Figure out where you want to be.

Lets chart a course.

and away we go!  


As an artist development coach, Amber will partner with clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs. 

What is holding you back? Lets figure it out together. 


Being a client of Amber Ruthart, gives you access to many contacts in the music industry as well as guidance on every step of your growth and development as an artist while staying true to your vision. 


With the assistance of Amber, you will learn to steps to establish your place in the artistic world.  You will learn to figure out who you are and where your music fits in. Upon discovering this, you will be able to create yourself a world for others to enjoy. 


"When you choose to start, you will have taken a step in the right direction." ~ Amber Ruthart



What does it take to be successful??


Personality! Professionalism!! Patience!!! Perseverance!!!!

Success happens when perseverance meets opportunity!    Opportunity looks a lot like hard work!  


How long will it take???

In the competitive entertainment industry success DOES NOT happen overnight!

An overnight success story in this industry is years in the making leading up to that big break!


I will teach you all these essential skills!!

You have to go after it, work hard and put yourself in a place where an opportunity will be presented to you!

You need to project self-confidence, develop the necessary skills required through training. 

You must be able to listen, be able to take direction & constructive criticism and maintain positivity.

You also must have a positive energy & be motivated!!

You must choose to START.


SAY "YES! I can do that!" and contact me now!

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Artist Development

Discover your potential.

"Amber is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice! Wowing audiences with her outstanding live performances."

Who are you? What is your sound?

Do you gig? Record? Social Media?

By using your goals, lets create a path for your next steps to developing as an artist; Whether it is professional karaoke artist, to working in the industry, lets get you going! 

45min $50/ session

Recording session (2 song per term) $250

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