What does it mean to Sing?

Everyone has their own idea, but, what does "SING" mean to you?​

Okay, get ready, breath in and sing!​

Did you notice what your body did? Take another try at it and focus on what your body is doing when you breath in, and let out that first note. How does it sound?


Recognizing and Releasing Bad Habits

More often than not, those who try to sing have developed habits that are not particularly healthy for the voice, nor do these habits allow for a controlled free sound, yes, beginning  from the first breath in! 

Right from the start Lessons we will dive into learning to "UnSing". This is to free yourself from singing patterns or particularly unwanted quirks that are not beneficial to giving us that desired freedom.  


Developing a Healthy Foundation

This is the core of the lessons. Once you grasp an understanding of the basics, we will dive deeper into larynx positioning, vowel usage, throat space, breath pressure, cord closure, passagios and more!! Sound like a lot? It is! However, my lessons are given in a fun way using already proven tactics such as whine, hoot, dopey and sounds that one already uses in their natural speaking voice. 


Lets talk about style!

Whether you would like to sing Pop, Rock, Metal or Classical, your voice needs a happy place to return to in order to maintain vocal health.  Each style has a separate way of producing vowels and tone quality to create that specific genre sound. Learn how to sing with heat to create that rock sound, or with vibrato for a classical style. This is for students who have already established supported healthy vocal habits.


At home Practice

Practicing and memorizing repertoire at home is the best way to allow the lesson session to focus on vocal adjustment.  

Responsible expert teachers can tell you that every singer needs individualized instruction and there is no formula to fix individual vocal problems without professional assistance.

At home, drink water, rest as needed, and go for walks. Sometimes walking brings us to a different state of mind where ideas and creativity flow; the best practice to connect to your music is to relax, release and enjoy. 

For Experienced Perfomers, 


Consultation appointments available. Even seasoned performers require a "vocal chiropractor."

I assist with vocal adjustments and get you back on the path of vocal health.

Long distance study?

I am available on Zoom as well as other face to face platforms. 

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