Canadian Comic, Improvisor, and Puppeteer.


Musical Improv and Performer. 


Amber is a face that haunts the Training Centre halls at Second City Toronto; having completed Improv Course A-E

She has also completed Writing Level 3 and currently working on her vocalfocus book. 

Her continuing sketch skills are blooming as she produces a monthly show that feature sketch comedy. 

She has taken lessons with "Whose line is it any way" Musical Director, Laura Hall and studied under many comediens in Toronto.

Amber specializes in Musical Improvisation and attended Social Capitols "The Toronto Musical Improv Festival Workshop 2015".


She has performed comedy and improvisation on various stages and with many experienced troupes in the GTA.

Her characters are enthusiastic and animated.  Amber has a definate love for musical improv.  

Ambers influences include Andy Samberg, Chelsea Perreti, Andy Kaufman, Tina Fey, and Andrea Martin.




Amber has an assortment of puppets that she uses for childrens entertainment.

These puppets have performed on various stages and have the ability to make you laugh or even cry. 

Pictures are available upon request. 

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