Special Needs Piano

High functioning autism and Dyslexia;

Piano for the neuro diverse.

Your brain works different; this should not dissuade anyone from playing an instrument. Piano is a great tool for self expression.

Lessons are student paced. Time is taken adapt to the students unique learning style.  

Music Therapy is a common outlet for those with life challenges. Although not a registered music therapy studio, Amber provides lessons that cater to many requiring extra attention and special needs.

Learn the piano.

Why?  Simply for pure joy and creativity. 

Playing the piano is an excellent way to express and be creative. 

Learn to play your favorite songs, or write your own.

Students will also learn theory.  

With these piano lessons, you can either go by the book and play all the notes, or learn how to do charts and play the familiar melody while making up the rest. There are many ways to play the piano. 

Piano lessons are private teacher/student 30 mins for $25

Students will follow the appropriate age Alfreds Basic Piano Library Methods... with room to explore.

Students are encouraged to recital but may opt out if desired.

Piano for Voice

Accelerated Progress

One very good reason to learn piano is to play the melody line of any song that you are interested in learning to sing. 

Each note is a key.  A key to staying on pitch. 

It is highly recommended to also learn piano while taking voice. 

When you play a chord, the ideas connect. 

Not only can you learn songs better, but you can accompany yourself and learn and feel the harmonies. Voice lessons are accelerated by playing piano because a deeper understanding of music is developed. 

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