Testimony and Reviews


Passionate and Rich Voice

"Amber's voice, passionate and rich, effortlessly soared

over the 300 voice back-up choir, and filled the concert

house. Amber, as always, gives careful attention not only

to how she is singing, the technical work that needs to be

mastered, but also what she is singing, matching her tone,

expression and colour to the text she conveys."

-Andre Schutten (2014 Benefit Concert- Producer)







High Quality

Performer & Instructor

A Great Teacher and an Amazing Artist

 "I had Amber as my first vocal teacher when I was 12, she taught me all about  voice and introduced me to "Vocalize U" and Speech Level Singing. Every lesson I had with her was packed with information! and I was also taught basic piano and theory, making me now able to accompany myself when singing. She made me comfortable on stage, and able to perform. She is one of the best vocal teachers I have ever had, and I have learned the most from her, by far. She is also an excellent singer, and performer, and never ceases to amaze me by all the amazing gifts she has. Her presence on stage is flawless, and her voice is always on point. To say the least, she is not only a great teacher, but an amazing artist, as well. Even now today, a few years without her lessons, I still go back to what she taught me, her lessons were by far fruitful."                                            ---  -Charlotte Spanninga

Purity, Resonance and Charm

  "No one in our times has heard a real angel sing.

But after performing with Amber, I can imagine.  

Over the crossroads of purity, resonance, and charm

 hovers the inspiring beauty that is Amber's voice."

 -Jonathan Kingma (Composer/Pianist)


Best Moments of Show

"Amber is a new talent who exhibits much potential Most of the best show  moments involve this performer."

 -Vic Hyde    (Entertainment  -Burlington Post)  

Rich Honey-Sweet voice

"  In the musical caberet performance at Hamilton Theatre Inc, Amber Ruthart, a true Leading Lady has a rich, honey-sweet

  voice that drips lusciously in Your Daddy’s son, connects with the sweet sass of Le jazz hot." 

-   Gary Smith (Entertainment - Hamilton Spectator)


A big shout out to Amber Jane Ruthart

for bringing out my daughter's inner rock star. More importantly, for helping her see her inner beauty, encouraging her to dream and to let go of her self doubt and inhibitions. I hope she feels this awesome about herself in another 10 years. It takes a village and you mammas make a difference. Thank you.                    

-D. Bradbury (Mother of Client)

Emotional Surge

"In the remembrance of Matt C. Daly, Amber Dykema performed Faith Hill;

‘’There You’ll Be’’ for the Memorial Tree Planting Ceremony and for the

Fashion Experience Show raising money for the Matthew C. Daly Scholarship Fund. Her song gave the event a emotional surge as the family listened and remembered thier loved one."

  -The Satellite (2002 Mohawk College)


Clear Tone 

"My husband and I heard you sing at a church function, we were impressed

by your clear tone and your unique musical style.  Since your performance

at our anniversary reception, we have had a lot of our guests say that they

very much enjoyed your musical talents."

 -Stef & Dianne Woudenberg (Client)


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