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Working together for vocal advancement and health care.

"If you have a question I can't answer, I have a hub of elite professionals and industry artists worldwide to turn to. There are no wrong questions, ever."  -Amber


So, whats in it for me as a student?

Master your voice….

Vocal Freedom

Private vocal sessions with Amber Ruthart provide valuable in-depth training with a focus on student centered goals using science based instruction.

  • remove excess tension

  • build coordination

  • build strength

  • apply new skills to songs

  • constantly increase music style

  • encourage freedom and connection to song meaning.

Maintain the voice...

The Sweet Spot

Once your voice is where you are pleased for it to be for your artistic choice, our goal together, we will maintain and bring you back to the placement in where you can create artistically with vocal freedom.

Magnum Opus (Masterpiece)

Your voice, your art.

Amber has access to Juno and Grammy award winning recording studios. 

Depending on your goals, you will be directed to songwriting coaches to directors, managers and other artist development mentors to create the masterpiece you came to voice lessons for the first place!



Acoustics is sound. 

Students have an opportunity to get into the recording studio each session as well as multiple performance practices; at unplugged church venue events and on a state of the art professional stage with lights and sound. 



All depends on You! What is YOUR goal? 



Vocal Rehabilitation


If your voice is seriously injured ask your 

Family Doctor to fax a referral to

The Voice Clinic - Dr. Alex Osborn ENT 

located in Toronto ON

Dr. Alex Osborn is OHIP Covered.


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