Communication is the key to success.  


These are an assortment of workshop that allow for exploration in different aspects of communicating, whether it be taking that first breath, exploring vowels, or learning more about your vocal capabilties. The main goal is to grow into a deeper understanding of yourself and your hidden potentials. 

Broadway Voices
How to sing styles from
Show Boat to Wicked 

A 2 hour workshop that brings a new understanding to the evolution of Musical Theatre shows and the voices that have changed. You will learn about the changes, how to sing the styles and other great voice tips.

We will discuss a century of voices from Norma Terris to Idina Menzel and all the other prominent voices in between.

It should be as easy as
.... Breathing

A 45 minute holistic breathing workshop where you will discover your control over air. Learn about anatomy, the importance of breath support while singing and strength building excercises. This class uses many physical poses that are familiar to yoga.   


Please bring a mat or towel.  Wear comfortable clothing. 

"Say it again Sam"
Discover Public Speaking

Fear of speaking in public consistently ranks at the top of lists of people’s most common fears.  Authenticity is the key to public speaking. If you have stage fright or would like to be better at speaking in public, this is a compassionate 2 hour workshop that uses tips and tricks to become more relaxed and at ease with yourself infront of a crowd. 

In this workshop we start with fun and ease our way up to vocal excercises, We explore all the way from speaking with strangers to confident public speaking. 

Sing as if no one is listening!
**Vocal Intensive** 

Intense Vocal Training Workshop that digs deep into voice production, tonality, vowels and more. 

First part of the day we will learn about specific methods that are proven and work with voice workouts aka warmups. 

The Second Part is putting it into practice and singing songs that require assistance. Tips, tricks and our "warmups" are into practice.


Please Bring water and have a song prepared.

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